Security Alert - WannaCry

Security Alert - WannaCry


Addressing the latest Ransomware threat - WannaCry. As you've seen in the media over the weekend there is a serious threat to Windows PCs that are not fully patched to date.

To prevent yourselves from becoming victims of this attack install the required Windows Update patches. Do this automatically through Windows updates on your Windows PCs.

Which Patches are required at the very minimum?

While we recommend all security patches are applied as soon as possible, the following at a minimum will protect you.

Any device that has any one of the “Security Monthly Quality Rollup for X” or the “Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version X” for March, April or May installed is protected.

The major patch numbers are:

Windows 7 SP1: KB4012215, KB4012212, KB4015549, KB4019264
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1: KB4012215, KB4012212, KB4019264
Windows Server 2012: KB4012214, KB4012217,KB4015551, KB4019216
Windows 8.1: KB4012216, KB4012213, KB4015550, KB4019215
Windows Server 2012 R2: KB4012216, KB4012213, KB4019215
Windows SMB Server: KB4012598
Windows 10: KB4013429, KB4012606, KB4013198, KB4016871, KB4019472

If you are unsure or need help, please contact us here.