How to change the Serial Number of a Solidworks Installation


Sometimes it may be necessary to change SOLIDWORKS serial number for your installation, for instance, if you need to change from a standalone to a network based license, or if you have installed the wrong license (such as perhaps your coworker’s Premium license ... ) on your system.

To change the serial number that your SOLIDWORKS installation is using for it’s licensing you do not need to completely uninstall SOLIDWORKS and you don’t have to hack your Windows registry, you can change it directly through the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.


Steps to change SOLIDWORKS serial number

Step 1. If you are currently using a standalone SOLIDWORKS license and changing to a different stand-alone serial number, or changing to a network license serial number, first launch SOLIDWORKS and from the Help menu select “Deactivate License”. This step is not necessary if you are changing from a network license serial number to a standalone serial number.

Deactivate License


Step 2. Go to the Windows Control Panel and launch “Programs and Features” (if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7) or “Add Remove Programs” (if you are using Windows XP).

Step 3. From the list of installed programs find the SOLIDWORKS installation, select it and click Change. (Not Uninstall, if the only option available is Uninstall, then your SOLIDWORKS was installed using an Administrative Image and you will need to get your IT administrator to contact your SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller for further instructions)

Programs And Features

Step 4. The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager will now launch. Select the top option, “Modify the individual installation” and click “Next”.


Step 5. On the Serial Number screen of the Installation Manager, you can now change SOLIDWORKS serial number to the new one that you want to use.


Step 6. Once the new serial number is in click “Next” through the rest of the installation screens without making any further changes.


Then pick the Modify Now button to finish



Procedure for SOLIDWORKS Add-ins and other products

A similar procedure can be followed if you have purchased a SOLIDWORKS add-in license such as SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Plastics, Flow Simulation, Motion, Composer, Inspection or MBD.

On the Serial Number screen simply check the box beside the product you wish to add and enter in the serial number. On the “Product Selection” page make sure that the additional products that should be installed are selected.

If these products are included as part of your network license, use the same serial number that was used for SOLIDWORKS. The serial number must be added next to the products for them to install, even though it’s the same serial number.