Centos - mounting LVM partitions on another system


One thing that we have to do from time to time is to mount LVM volumes from a rescued hard drive on another machine.

To do so yourself, follow these steps.

Once the hardware is attached to another Linux machine enter the command-line as follows:

lvm lvs #This will show you the availalbe LVM volumes that you can work with
lvm vgchange --ignorelockingfailure -P -a y #this will allow you to mount volumes after disabling locking issues
lvdisplay #this will show you avaiable volumes
lvmdiskscan #this will scan the LVM disk information
vgchange SubstituteYourLVMVolumeNameYouWantToMountHere -a y

Next, you will want to make and mount that volume as a directory so that you can read from it

mkdir /mnt/data
mount /dev/SubstituteYourLVMVolumeNameYouWantToMountHere/MainLV00 /mnt/data

You will now be able to read off recovered data from your new mount point!