Knoppix LiveCD and Data Recovery


Knoppix has only samba client by default meaning you can access shares but since you're not a server, no one can access yours. To do this you'd need to install samba from Debian repos but be careful about version conflicts with existing samba software.

So to access other shares simply do:

sudo mkdir /mnt/ANY-NAME

then, whenever you need to access (optionally make a script)1:

sudo mount -t smbfs -o uid=knoppix,workgroup=YOUR-WORKGROUP-NAME,username=YOUR-USERNAME,password=YOUR-PASSWORD // /mnt/ANY-NAME

2. in pcmanfm navigate to /mnt/ANY-NAME (and optionally drag it to the left bookmark pane for future access)

3. see? easy.

and to unmount do (if you really want to):

sudo umount /mnt/ANY-NAME


  1. Caps are to be replaced by your data
  2. If you have spaces in your data, enclose in quotes like this: "ANY-NAME"
  3. // can also be targeted with //COMPUTER-NAME/ANY-NAME