Centos 5.5 - quick NZ installation


Firstly download the netInstalltion ISO from ftp.wicks.co.nz

Burn off ISO then continue with setup.

When it asks for installation location enter the following FTP site details:

site:           ftp.wicks.co.nz

directory:  /pub/linux/dist/centos/5.5/os/i386

of course change os/x to your hardware version i.e. x86_64 if you have 64bit architecture.

Go with default installation - recommend to customise later.

Please Note: This will also work for later versions of Centos net installations i.e. 5.6 - just change the above directory location to the version you want to install

other netinstall versions:
Centos 5.5 x86_64 netInstall ISO
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