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Interesting problem discovered while re-doing a customer's network this last week. In rejoining customer's PC to the new network, noted that VLC defaulted back to standard settings and he lost the ability to have VLC playback controls on one monitor and full-screen playback on the other monitor. After searching VLC forums to no avail and seeing a lot of others having this issue, thought we'd go back to basics and look at the options in VLC application again.

To date network managers have had to battle to get visibility on their networks and get required budgets to protect the network they look after. A big issue for the average network manager is that they simply have not had the tools or training to undertake this exercise themselves.

Therefore we at Inlet Technologies have been working on a project to bring affordable tools and training to all network managers so that they can do these undertakings themselves. Part of that process is to undergo a Network Protection Audit to identify where the weaknesses and strengths are within your networks. For more information please contact us.

Remote Desktop is disabled by default in Windows 7 or Vista, but it’s easy enough to turn it back on. If you need to access your Vista PC from another box, it’s an essential thing to turn on.

Important note: Remote desktop is only included in the Professional, Business, or Ultimate versions of Windows. Home editions do not have remote desktop.

To get to the configuration page, you can either right-click the Computer icon and choose


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