VLC 2.0.2 - Dual Monitor Full-Screen Playback In Windows


Interesting problem discovered while re-doing a customer's network this last week. In rejoining customer's PC to the new network, noted that VLC defaulted back to standard settings and he lost the ability to have VLC playback controls on one monitor and full-screen playback on the other monitor. After searching VLC forums to no avail and seeing a lot of others having this issue, thought we'd go back to basics and look at the options in VLC application again.

And low and behold, the options were staring at us all the time.

So to get VLC controls sitting on one screen and the movie playing full-screen on your other monitor (or projector for that matter, if you are doing a presentation - or want to have full-screen playback from VLC to your external TV) Go into the 'Tools' menu and select Preferences.

In the Preferences dialogue box, you then uncheck "Integrate video in interface" as shown below (highlighted)...


Next, go into the 'Video' tab and simply select your DirectX display and specify which output monitor you wish to see Video on. Then hit 'Save' button and restart VLC application. Next time you play your video it will display on the screen you choose. Pretty straight forward!