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IT Security


Security is a major factor with corporate networks facing a barrage of threats, ranging from malware to accidental data loss. Your user's endpoints receive the brunt of these attacks, and if they are not properly protected they can serve as a threat portal to the entire network.

Even with increased security budgets, organisations still face the challenges of staffing skilled security experts, keeping up with rapid security technology advancements and developing successful security procedures. Inlet can help organisations address these challenges by integrating security tools, services and intelligence to manage and monitor security operations.


Lights, camera, action! Workplace security is huge. Whether monitoring staff behaviour, criminal action or simple action logs, Inlet has a huge range of IP Camera and Recording solutions. Camera's and recording equipment are part of a fast-growing industry. Whether the need is for indoor, outdoor, covert or network cameras, we have the products to cover everything from a basic system to high-end and multiple site systems. We have further enhanced our CCTV range by adding wireless broadband network systems to intelligent IP video surveillance systems.

Self-monitoring, Vandal Proof, Auto-Tracking, Pan, Tilt and Zoom functions, all via your IP capabilities, you can rest easy and sleep with Peace of Mind that your assets and concerns are being monitored and recorded, all in High Definition.

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