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Managed Services

Inlet offers clients a fantastic Managed Remote Network Monitoring / Administration solution. Inlet offers either Hourly and flat fee Monthly Managed Network Support Plans.

With both our Hourly and Monthly plans we will remotely monitor your servers with our remote access capabilities. Because we do not have to travel to your workplace our remote access capabilities speed up our response and solution time potentially saving your organisation thousands of dollars in downtime. We believe that the best way to avert network problems is to be proactive about monitoring network servers - constantly checking resources to ensure constant operability of the network.


Inlet maintains a team of security specialists who will add your servers to their "watch list". Our specialists will constantly look and test for vulnerabilities with your servers and remove them. Our team belongs to several worldwide security groups to ensure that we are among the first to learn of new potential threats and proactively protect our clients against them. Because ensuring a network's security is a constant, ongoing process, we often recommend this service to in-house network administrators as well as clients for whom we provide all IT support.


This service is an invaluable way to ensure that backups are running correctly, virus signature files are updated, hard drives have adequate space as well as a long list of other non-security-related system checks. By keeping a constant "eye" on your servers, we can detect and address small problems before they cause major system problems. By avoiding a single system crash, this service quickly pays for itself!All of this and more comes with both our Hourly and Monthly Networking Plans.


Inlet's Hourly Support Plan is our most economical option for businesses and organisations with small networks or infrequent service needs. This plan, charged by the hour, offers the flexibility of service by request or on a scheduled basis. Consulting, installation and troubleshooting services are provided on an as-needed basis per your request. Scheduled support visits are also available on this plan - a good idea for virus updates and checking backups.


Inlet's Monthly Support Plan is our most popular option. It is designed for small to medium size enterprises requiring piece of mind and a cost-effective network support. You pay a set monthly fee which gives you unlimited hours of support instead of being charged on a per incident basis with our Hourly plan.